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With 250+ products advertising document automation capabilities it is challenging for law firms and in-house teams to even begin the process of selecting a suitable vendor! The site aims to simplify the selection process by helping users quickly identify products that may be suitable for their specific use case. Use the filters to rapidly create an initial shortlist of potentially suitable products.

There are many helpful websites that list technology companies targeting the legal sector. This site differs in three key ways: - It is exclusively focused on document automation vendors. - All Featured Products have completed our requirements document, supplied supplementary materials, and indicated their unique market offering to facilitate alignment with customer use cases. - Our vendor categorisation and filters are driven by customer use cases. We understand that the most suitable product is dependent on a customer’s specific use case and priority requirements.

BamLegal's purpose is to improve the delivery of legal services for all. We consult to law firms and in-house legal teams on the procurement, implementation and use of legal technology. We provide resource to implement and scale the use of that legal technology, undertake process reviews and redesigns, assist with legal operations and change management; and much, much more. We advise, mentor, support and promote legal technology start-ups. We educate, inspire and help law students to understand the future of law, how legal technology is used in practice and the many different career options available to them. Please get in touch as we love to chat and want to get to know this growing community of people trying to make law better for everyone involved.


We used a range of vendor directories, including: - Legaltech Hub - LegalGeek startup map - Artificial Lawyer - Crunchbase - G2 - Capterra We also searched Google for key document automation features to surface additional vendors not listed on traditional directories.

BamLegal has 10+ years experience advising and implementing document automation solutions for law firms and in-house counsel. We understand our clients’ key pain points, business priorities, and the factors they must consider when selecting technology vendors. Our product requirements have been refined based on this experience and span 12 key themes. Themes: - Template Builder - User Questionnaire - Document Generation - Clause library - Workflow & Collaboration - User Access - Negotiation - eSignature - Document management - Reporting - Integrations - Security & Deployment

With a focus on analysing document automation capabilities, aligning with the requirements list and use cases, the 250+ products were distilled to create an initial shortlist of products to explore in more detail. Vendors on the initial shortlist were contacted and asked to complete the requirements list template and provide supplementary materials. The vendor responses were analysed and a final shortlist of 20 vendors was created for the website launch.

Yes, all shortlisted vendors completed our requirements document. Documents relating to pricing, hosting, data privacy, competitor comparisons, and feature roadmaps were provided.

Our discussions with clients shaped the vendor categories. The most common high level client use cases are: - Point solutions: Only require document automation. - Process Automation capabilities are also required. - Contract Lifecycle Management capabilities are also required. It is important to note that vendors shortlisted in the ‘Process Automation Capabilities’ and ‘Contract Lifecycle Management Capabilities’ were reviewed and included predominantly based on their ability to meet key document automation requirements. This website is focused on document automation use cases.

The initial vendors shortlisted when the website launched did not pay to be included. These vendors are marked as 'Top Pick' on their profile page. After the initial launch our product coverage expanded to include in-depth analysis of additional Featured Products that completed our list of 75+ requirements. These Featured Vendors paid a small fee to cover the time investment needed to add each entry to the website.

After the website launched we received many queries from vendors looking to complete our detailed requirements assessment. We decided to expand our product coverage and invite additional vendors to complete our list of 75+ product requirements. Featured Products are products that have completed this in-depth assessment.

Use Case

A sample of the key factors to consider include: 1) What are the greatest challenges you currently face with your existing document drafting process? 2) How would a new product fit into your existing or ideal workflow? 3) Do you require integrations with other systems? 4) Which documents do you wish to automate? 5) How complex are the documents? 6) How would you like the end users to access the documents? 7) Will the product be client facing or for internal usage? 8) What pricing model best suits your usage patterns? 9) What data and IT security guidelines does your IT team have in place? 10) Does your team have the skillset to plan, implement, and scale the automation or will you need assistance?

Yes, we are happy to discuss your particular needs and determine how we can best help. Please contact us via the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Next Steps

If your product has document automation capabilities and is not listed in our database please contact us via the form on the 'Contact Us' page.

If your product has document automation capabilities and and you would like us to include it as a Featured Product please contact us via the 'Contact Us' page and we will guide you through the process.

New Products: We use advanced tools to automatically scan, categorise, and surface new products with document automation capabilities. These vendors will be added to our database and this website. Existing Products: We also use these tools to surface product releases from existing vendors. We recognise that vendors regularly ship new features and will frequently be undertaking our deeper analysis to ensure our database is aligned with the latest releases.

Yes, we are excited to incorporate your feedback to enhance this site. This may include blog posts on key document automation topics, adding new vendors, and updating vendor profiles as they launch the features on their roadmaps. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see on this site!

Absolutely. Our core document automation services include: - We can help you to prepare a business case, procure the right software, implement and scale the use of document automation to speed up the preparation of contracts and reports. - Assistance with strategy, resourcing and best practice within your law firm or inhouse legal department to ensure a consistent and scalable approach. - Provide support on standalone projects, for example the automation of your Corporate SPAs, Banking Facility Agreements or Real Estate Leases and Agreements. - Host masterclasses for your automators and lawyers to improve your document automation offering. Please contact us via the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Need help with document automation?

To discuss your particular use case and requirements please contact us.