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An overview of the work undertaken to create this website and the enhancements made since the launch are outlined below.

Detailed Market Scan

A thorough market scan identified 250+ products with document automation capabilities. This included LegalTech products targeting the legal industry and products targeting other industries.

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Document Automation Requirements List

A list of 75+ key product requirements was created. A list of priority variables such as pricing models, and a range of customer use cases were also defined.

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Initial Shortlist

With a focus on analysing document automation capabilities, aligning with the requirements list and use cases, the 250+ products were distilled to create an initial shortlist of products.

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Vendor Contact

Vendors on the initial shortlist were contacted and asked to complete the requirements list template and provide supplementary materials.

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The vendor responses were analysed and a shortlist of 20 vendors was created. These vendors were displayed as 'Top Picks' when the website launched.

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Website launch

This free website launched to provide a summary of the market scan and enable visitors to surface a selection of content from our product database.

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⭐ Enhancement: Featured Products ⭐

Our product coverage expanded to include in-depth analysis of additional featured products who have completed our list of 75+ requirements.

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